I need help proposing a trade?

Im lacking power in my offense right now, i hav Ian Kinsler but im afriad he'l cool off somewhat. My outfielders at the moment are: Sizemore, Markakis, D. Young, Pierre, and Swisher. My starting pitchers are studs, im not exagurating either, :Halladay, Hill, Lilly, Hudson, Bonderman, Colon and Lowe. Im looking to pick up Adam Dunn for power #s, the guy who has him has so-so starting pitching: Dice-K, Kazmir, Snell, Cain, Gorzelanny, Linecum, Danks. He has Crawford, Dunn, Hunter, and Duffy as OF. What should i offer him?12 man H-2-H. At the moment im in 1st place with a record of 22-7, but im falling in the power category, the rest of my offense is: Estrada, D. Lee, Kinsler, Hall and Sexson along with my outfielders. What should i offer him?


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I would really be surprised if that offer would be accepted. Kazmir is the best of the bunch in this trade proposal. Adam Dunn may get 35-40 home runs but in head-to-head consistency is much more important. Get the guys with consistent hitting into the lineup, and that does not mean Adam Dunn---he is the modern day Dave Kingman.

If you lose the week in home runs, there is no guarantee that Mr. Dunn would pick that week to hit three.

You are in first place, you are in a position of strength right now. If you are in a Yahoo league, put out the fact that you are interested in obtaining hitting for starting pitching. Near the top of your league page is a ling called "Trading Block". Put your interest out there and members of your league can see it. If after a week you get no bites, go looking team to team. By using this tool, you can get multiple offers and pick the best. Good Luck!

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ok... halladay and d.young for dunn and hunter ... or hill for kazmir and dunn

Please help!!?

The other guy would laugh if you offered Swisher and Lilly for Kazmir and Dunn. You don't want to lose credibility in the league by make that kind of trade. Kazmir is exactly better than soso. He was ranked in the top 10 overall last season in the first half (despite bad run support) before going down to the injury. He has a terrific offense to work with this season. Cain is another young stud pitcher that you might get for Kinsler but no way he would trade Cain for Lilly. Linecum is going to be a stud when he gets called up this season. He is tearing up triple A so thats a guy you want to consider along with another power hitter. You can afford to do that with your lead. Snell is also another quality power pitcher who finally has put it together this season. Fans have been waiting for his breakthrough and its already here. But since you are power starved, you shouldnt be looking to get back a pitcher like Kazmir. How about trying Bonderman for Dunn? I don't see any other power guys in his lineup and giving up Kinsler doesn't make sense if your trying to be strong offensively. Bonderman is a 4 era type pitcher only and thats a fair tradeoff for getting Dunn's bad batting average he typically has.

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good trade i would say

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