3 WR or 1 RB with 2 WR?

Question:I have already started Alexander and now need to start either 1 more RB and 2 WR or 3 WR
Choose from M. Barber, S. Morris, J. Walker, R. Wayne, TJ Houshmanzadeh.

Since I will be starting Cutler Should I not start Walker since I would be putting all my eggs in one basket?


Is this fantasy baseball team great or what? need opinions!?

Barber and Morris are marginal players. Go with Walker, Wayne, and TJ. Wayne and TJ are going to be huge in that high scoring game. As for Walker, do not look at Cutler as a negative. This is a positive as you can double dip on points from Cutler to Walker. Good luck.

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1. Reggie Wayne
2. TJ
3. J. Walker.

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