Andruw Jones for Tejada. Should I do it?


Should I drop Austin Kearns for hot starter Geoff Jenkins or will he cool off?

Andrew Jones
This season
.222 AVE.
6 HR
27 RBI
21 Runs
1 SB

He's good for 40-50 HRs this season and 130 RBI.

This Season
2 HR
18 RBIs
20 Runs
1 SB

He is good for 20-25 HR and around 100 RBIs.

So if you get Tejada, you're gonna lose out on RBIs and HRs.

I'd stick with Jones.

Need help for the championship?

yes tejadas solid

How's my fanasty team?

Tejada's power is nearly gone, he may hit 20. Cust is a career minor leaguer and #1 vote-getter to be this year's Chris Shelton. If you are gonna trade Andruw, who nearly always starts slowly (check his career split stats), you better not trade him for a positional player where you are already strong!! Just stick Cust in at UTIL until he comes back to earth and then cut him, keeping Andruw.

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really depends in what kind of league you are in. If it just based on offensive stats Tejada is on a weak team and might not see as many good pitches Jones would see...there numbers are about equal. But Tejada is a good bat for his position and outfield position are easy to fill..

Who will score the most points in tonight's Vikings game?

keep jones for the mere fact that tejada already has a reputation of dying out after the all star break unless you make a quick trade to get rid of him before that. andruw has a lot more protection at bat and he's in a contract year.

Rate my fantasy baseball team please?

If you can get Tejada you should do it. Andruw Jones is good but as you noted you can get someone halfway decent to fill in until you're able to get a better player.

A key to winning fantasy baseball is to have quality players at the tough spots to fill, specifically middle infield and catcher. If you can get a guy like Mig 10, you should do it, even if you have to give up a slightly better player at a deeper position.

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This year in a minute...snap it up before he changes his mind..not sure Cust is the answer in the OF slot though...i like a more proven commodity..but think this is a great upgrade based on the first two months only

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