1B and backup issues?

Question:Konerko, Kent, Nomar, Cuddeyer

My fantasy dilemma is 1B, I started off the season stuck with Sexson and quickly added Cuddeyer to replace him with his 1B eligibility. In my eight team league someone dropped Konerko and im so ready to pick him up throw him on the bench and wait for those power numbers to come back, he is a .300, 35hr person but right now is batting .200 Other potential 1B available or Kent and Nomar who are both batting well now but scare me over the course of 162 games. what y'all think?

With picking up Konerko, I would be dropping either Bonds, Russell Martin, or Eric Brynes, to put Konerko or Cudeyer on the bench, my scoring weakness would be stolen bags

my catcher is brian mccann, i picked up russell martin off waivers about a week ago they guy who dropped him has victor martinez but i picked up martin quickly for utility or trade bait

also i have dan uggla and michael young who both arent doing well right now, i have aaron hill as a 2b SS, backup, keep him o


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I agree completely with adding Konerko if possible. He should be fine over the course of the season, and should be your #1 1B. I realize you have two catchers with McCann and Martin, but I wouldn't drop Martin. I think Martin will have a very strong year, and therefore suggest that you trade either McCann or Martin, whoever fetches the most value. I have McCann rated as the #3 C in mixed leagues (as I'm expecting him to provide .290, 22 HRs and 80 RBI) and Martin as #5 or #6 (with a .285, 12 HR and 65 RBI contribution). So if you can get a significantly better player for McCann, you should be fine with Martin as your C.

So that means you need to drop an OF (you mention Bonds or Byrnes) or an Infielder (you mention Young and Hill). I can't see dropping Bonds at this point - he has good trade value, is motivated to chase the record, and looks healthy. He won't play every day, but his production should still be good. Byrnes is also a valuable player in my opinion, because he can give 20 HRs and 20 SBs over the course of the season. As far as Michael Young is concerned - yes, he is off to a very slow start, but don't drop him. He will heat up and do well, and he is playing in a very good hitter's ballpark. That leaves Hill, who certainly has gotten off to a great start, but I don't expect it to continue. He should settle back down to a .280 average, and will only hit 10-12 HRs. Young is capable of hitting over .300 and perhaps getting 20 HRs. So if you can add Konerko, I would drop Hill, and you should have a very strong lineup the rest of the way.

Good luck this season.

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I would trade Martin, Trade Michael Young, start Hill at SS, and drop Sexon for Konerko

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Answer is move quickly. Make a 2-for-1 trade to upgrade at another position and then add Konerko. Whoever dropped Konerko will regret it deeply.

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