Anyone else annoyed?

fantasy baseball should have started Friday and its already mid anyone mad why they haven't started fantasy baseball 07' on yahoo yet?


In 2007 fantasy baseball on yahoo, I can not find sammy Sosa, Dimitri Young, and others in list of players?

I am just annoyed that they dont tell us when it starts, its a huge secret that they wont tell anyone.

The trade deadline is around the corner for my Fantansy League . Should I keep Boris Diaw?

YES thats the way i feel

Is frank thomas worth having on your team?

Go outside and play a real sport dude.

Marcus how'd your boys do this weekend?

Well, I would not say that I am mad about it. I am eager for the season to start though.

Good trade?

yea, im pissed.

What do you think about my fantasy baseball team? How should I do?...Where do I need help?

Ya, it may be annoying but it has only been one day.

Which 2 will do better tonight?

does it really matter? when it starts it starts. find something useful to worry about.


Little bit.

Fantasy Baseball is probably just waiting for the beginning of the week or just waiting for the Superbowl to be finished so they can have a big attention grabbing headline.

Baseball rules!

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