A Couple Fantasy Baseball Questions?

Question:#1. Someone droped Julio Lugo in my league. I picked him up for David Eckstein. I am pretty sure this was good, but was it really? Was I right in picking Lugo up?

#2. It's still pending, but I am trying to pick up Juan Pierre (in the FA market) for Hank Blalock. I already have 2 other 3Bs (M.Cabrera and D.Wright). Is this a good move even tho Blalock is projected to improve this year?

#3 I have Freddy Garcia on the DL. Other people in my league have droped guys like Kenny Rogers and Bartolo Colon. Should I pick up one of these other DL guys? I'm leaning toward not doing it because I think Garcia is coming back soon and he's still a good pitcher.

#4. Last but no tleast, Chone Figgins is on the FA market because he's on the DL. I have Craig Biggio on my bench. Is Figgins do back soon, and if so, should I pick Figgins up for Biggio? This is a tought decision because Biggio is 5/17 with 2 runs, 1HR, and 1RBI already. Wat should i do?

Thanks for answering all my questions.


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I'll give you some answer according to your questions:

#1: Picking up Julio Lugo was the right thing to do because he can give you consistent leadoff numbers (SB, Runs) and w/ Big Papi, Manny, and J.D. in the lineup, he'll be getting a lot of runs in this lineup. His 2006 numbers were misleading because he was having a breakout season in Tampa Bay until he was traded to the Dodgers, where he was regulated to being the super utility player for Rafael Furcal and Jeff Kent. A full season in Boston should give him healthy numbers throughout. Eckstein is the World Series MVP and he is the heart and soul of the Cardinals, just not the heart and soul for many fantasy baseball team, so you did make the right choice.

#2: You can never get enough SB, so Juan Pierre should be an improvement over Hank Blalock. Blalock is still young, but on the decline, and although Pierre is not the typical power guy, the runs and SB will come on a consistent basis (whether he bats first or second).

#3: I have to agree that you have to keep Freddy Garcia, even though he's on the DL. There's nothing wrong with him, it's just that he needs an "extended" spring training to get his conditioning before he can take the mound. Kenny Rogers is not looking good with a blood clot on his shoulder that's going to keep him through the All-Star break and peaking at 40-ish, he's not a recommend pick-up. Colon is looking good in his last spring training start, but the Angels rotation looks loaded enough that Colon can take his time to be 100%.

#4: Biggio is looking for career hit number 3000 in his career, but that's the only thing he's looking forward to. His numbers are not going to last long and when Figgins returns, he might be auditioning for another team, come the midseason trade, so there's a lot of motivation for Figgins when he comes out of the DL (which is about 4-5 weeks away).

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#1. eckstein is a very good player for baseball, yet isnt going to get u very much in a fantasy roster so i agree with this move getting lugo

#2. this seems to be a good move, if assists are a category and u have more utilities then i usually would want more 3bs so i would look to drop someone else but pierre's speed is a big deal fantasy wise

#3. I think kenny rogers is going to end up with the best season out of these 3 even though he is gettin older, bartolo is prolly better than garcia, yet this decision isnt really going to make or break u as they will all probably have similar stats so just who ever u like the most

#4. Figgins would be a huge pickup even though he is on the dl, if biggio is on ur bench then i would definitely go out and get figgins and just wait it out till he gets back...his speed, like pierre, is huge in the fantasy game and he could always have a huge trade potential later in the year at least

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1. YES!, I like lugo being the leadoff man for the red sox and his position eligibility.

2.depends if you need steals and depends on your OF but personally i would do it you have enough 3rd baseman

3. Keep Garcia put him in your DL slot and wait for him to come back

4. I might be favoring figgins (I drafted him last year and the year before NOTICE I DID NOT TAKE HIM THIS YEAR) but I would take figgins if he is on the waver wire.

Good luck and if you want to see my fantasy profile just put

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#1. Great pick-up! Eckstein is a great real-life player but doesnt do alot fantasy-wise. Lugo will get you plenty of runs and steals. This is how ESPN projected his stats for this season.

97 Runs
12 HR
54 RBI's
20 SB
.287 AVG

#2. Juan Pierre would be a good pickup.but I would have personally tried to trade him to a team who is weak at the 3B position because you may have gotten someone better or equally good back. But with your quality 3B's you'll be fine.

#3. Keep Garcia on your DL...and let him pitch a few games before you drop him for someone else.

#4. Chone Figgins will be sidelined for about a month according to ESPN again. (I love ESPN) Biggio may be starting out well but as an injury risk and falling numbers in the past years...I'd wait a week or 2 to pick up Figgins. But in the meantime, keep an eye on the FA list and the waiver wire to see who else is available. I2nd Baseman that could be available are: Ian Kinsler is going to have a breakout season, Marcus Giles, and maybe Brandon Phillips.

Good Luck!

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#1 julio lugo and eckstein are pretty close. i would take lugo because he is in the red sox's potent offense, he has more power and speed and plays 3 positions. #2 very good choice. your lucky that pierre is available and your 2 other 3B are the 2nd and 3rd best in fantasy. #3 Staying with Garcia isn't a bad choice but colon is already making his minor league starts so you might want to try him. #4 Pick up chone! biggio is old and will not do a whole lot. figgins is coming back in a couple weeks. he gives you depth, runs and a ton of speed

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1) Yes - don't even second guess that move. Eckstein is a guy you love in reality, but not in fantasy. Lugo is in the BoSox lineup, at the top - 'nuf said.

2) Blalock is the biggest fantasy tease there is. Good to great 1st halves, then TANKS. Don't worry about letting him go, especially if you need SB's. But you could try to trade him before the waiver claim goes through and try to improve your team AND grab Pierre. Look for someone weak at 3B and try to pawn him off for a good backup - you have NO use for him at all.

3) Grab Colon. When Garcia comes off the DL, put Colon on there and you won't have to drop anyone. You don't get a free Cy Young winner very often. Wish I was playing in that league - lots of quality available for free.

4) No-brainer... Chone will be back by mid-May to June 1 latest. If you aren't using Biggio now, why do you need him later? After he gets his 70 hits to reach 3000, his playing time may well take a MAJOR downturn. Figgins is a top 75 player. Dump Biggio, he isn't even worth anything in a trade, even as a throw-in. His best days are long gone. Love the guy, but facts of life - stick a fork in him.

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