Are Nomar Garciaparra & Jeff Kent going to deliver?

Question:I have Garciappara behind Big Papi David Ortiz on my fantasy baseball squad, and Jeff Kent in front of Ian Kinsler (even though advised to have Ian Kinsler as my main 2B) Are they just pretty names, and no action as far as stats for my team? Nomar had an OK season last year. Do you think he will continue to deliver.same thing goes for Jeff Kent.

PS: All 1B and 2B worth getting are taken by rivals


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Kent and Nomar are both no longer viable fantasy options as they are both over the hill, injury prone, and playing for a team that plays in a pitcher friendly ball park... Ortiz definitely gets the nod over Nomar and Kinsler will put up better fantasy numbers than Kent this year for sure... dump them if there are other options at different positions out there

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Will they deliver?? How many 'R's in FAT CHANCE? But, if no other decent options are available, love the ones ya with!

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Garciaparra will put up decent numbers this years...he'll neither make or break or team your team.

Jeff Kent and Ian Kinsler will put up similar numbers, however, I'd continue to play Kent until Kinsler proves himself well (which he has so far with 2 homers in 4 games)

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