Choose 3 OF to start: Baldelli, Cuddyer, Hawpe, Matthews Jr., Rios.?

Head-to-head, standard Yahoo! stat categories.


Who should i draft?

Rios has a huge upside I think, so he'd be my 1st choice.

Matthews Jr is having a miserable spring and I would say he's heading back to his .255 career avg this year and he's with a potentially weak offensive team (Angels), so he's out.

I like Baldelli for his 20 HR 20 SB .300 avg potential, so he'd be my 2nd choice.

It's really a toss up b/n Hawpe & Cuddyer, although I'd probably go with Hawpe. Looks like you could get 25 HR & .285 avg from either, but the Rockies are a much more offensively-minded team than the Twins, even with the freezer ball used in Colorado. With Atkins, Helton, & Holliday for support, Hawpe should put up better R & RBI numbers.

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Rios, Matthews, Hawpe

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Nice group of Outfielders. Unfortunately they are pretty much equal. I would go with Baldelli, Rios and Matthews Jr.. or Cuddyer. Hawpe being the old man out for now.

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tough have exactly zero studs out of those 5. i'd say michael cuddyer, baldelli for his avg, runs and speed, and probably mr steirod jr.

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Rios, Cuddyer, Baldelli

I have 4 3rd basemen, who should I drop? if any?

Cuddyer,hawpe, Rios ----- Baldelli will get u some SBs

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No stars but a solid crew. Baldelli, Hawpe, Cuddyer, but Matthews and Rios are good too.

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