2 trade scenarios I might throw out there - thoughts?

Question:I have Cano and B. Roberts as my 2nd basemen and D. Wright as my 3rd baseman. My only closer is Cordero in Milwaukee. Here are 2 trades I'm considering offering:

1) Cano and Wright for R. Freel or A. Beltre and Joe Nathan. Freel or Beltre would become my starting 3rd baseman and Nathan would do what he does. Is this too much, even with Cano and Wright's slow starts? Beltre will probably match Wright, won't he?

2) Cano straight up for Chone Figgins, who will come off the DL in the next couple weeks.


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do not do number one. Wright is in a completely different league than Beltre. Cano, and Roverts, however, I would trade away one for a closer. he hits towards the bottom of the Yankee lineup and will definetly not hit 340 again. Roberts had a good year 2 years ago and will never repeat that. See if you can trade away 1 for a closer. Don't forget free agency. Al Reyes, (closer TB), Henry Owens (closer FLA), Joakim Soria(temporary closer KC), Johnathon Broxton (if Saito fails he is the future for LAD). Wait a little while for trade option 2, or find a substitute for Cano. Figgins is definetly looking into and you can probably get him at a cheaper price becuase he is on DL

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I don't like any of those options, NEVER SELL a Good player on a cold streak, often times you will find yourself giving too much for too little. Also you need to evaluate the type of league you're playing ROTISSERIE? H2H?? POINT BASED??

Taking into consideration i would :
Take Freel and Nathan, i don't think Beltre can match wright's numbers. As a rule I'm not to keen on taking power hitters that play on pitcher friendly ballparks (Safeco) and also Freel gives you flexibility 2b,3b and OF. Nathan is a top notch closer, so that's my advice.

Hope i Was Helpful

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Don't trade Wright for what you've suggested you will get in return, i.e.: Beltre.

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