Rate my teams please?

Question:TEAM 1
B McCann
P Fielder
J Morneau
J Barfield
A Gordon
A Beltre
H Ramirez
M Holliday
C Duncan
R Ibanez
I Suzuki
N Markakis
J Pierre
Jason Bay
D Ortiz
J Johnson
T Saito
A Otsuka
B Penny
A Sanchez
J Zumaya
B Fuentes

R Hernandez
P Fielder
J Morneau
H Kendrick
A Rodriguez
A Gordon
S Rolen
H Ramirez
J Hermida
C Duncan
Jermaine Dye
D Young
R Baldelli
K Griffey
T Hafner
B Webb
A Otsuka
T Jones
S Kazmir
B Arroyo
E Bedard
J Isringhausen

C Kenji Johjima, Sea C
1B Conor Jackson, Ari 1B
2B Brian Roberts, Bal 2B
3B Garrett Atkins, Col 3B
SS Hanley Ramirez, Fla SS
OF Carlos Beltran, NYM OF
OF Delmon Young, TB OF
OF Alex Rios, Tor OF
UTIL David Ortiz, Bos DH
P Francisco Rodriguez, LAA RP
P Scott Kazmir, TB SP
P Aaron Harang, Cin SP
P Felix Hernandez, Sea SP
P Takashi Saito, LAD RP
P Ervin Santana, LAA SP
Nick Markakis, Bal OF
Ian Kinsler, Tex 2B
Hank Blalock, Tex 3B
My other team are on the bottom!


What team is better?

How many teams? Their all decent to good, I don't like Jermaine Dye though. But it doesn't matter, you will not be able to effectively manage that many team.

Do You Hate Yahoo "Fantasy Experts"?

you have too much time on your hands...

Trade help?

team 5 rules!

Fantasy starter!!!?

wow very very very very good offence with adecent pitching staff. good luck winning all 5 teams this year.

What are the yahoo fantasy hockey rules for head to head ties in the playoffs??

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... that is one crazy list for someone to rate try one at a time

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