A really hard decision?

Question:a trade has been offered to me. im really thinking about doing it.

i get: carlos beltran, and joe nathan

i give: johan santana

i have good starters(santana,halladay,mats... and rich hill already, but lack in outfielders i have sheffield, matt halliday, and ordonez)


Question on who to drop?

An everyday dominating outfielder and possibly the best closer in the game for Santana.stop thinking and get it done! You get 2 fantasy dominating studs for 1...a no brainer under any circumstances. Plus now you have a lot of closers that can become trade bait (along with Ordonez...Sheff will heat up) so you can add peices wherever you need and have good bargaining chips to do it. One awesome deal that can lead to another deal or two to improve you. love Johan but....gotta do it!

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johan santana is a better fantasy player than Joe Nathan and Carlos Santana combined.

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yeah carlos santana is one great hitter, haha

well since you have a lot of depth in your pitching and not so much in your outfield id take it, beltran is very consistant and always puts up good numbers. it really depends on who your closers are. if you dont have any good ones id do this, because you'd be getting 2 starters for one.

What do u think?

Nathan can keep the ERA & WHIP as low as Santana, plus 40 SVs. And then the best acting OF in the game so far.. even Soriano isnt touching Beltran this year.

I love Santana, but this isn't as tough as u might be led to believe. I'd easily give up Santana for Nathan AND Beltran.

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ignore the first guy, he doesnt know sh1t. take the deal. beltran is a great player with power and speed and stays relatively healthy all year. joe nathan is the #1 closer and for good reason. you already have good SPs, you got rich hill who is a good sleeper. i knew he would have a great year this year so i drafted him in every league. your OF really isnt that bad. holliday is one of the best OFers especially at coors field. ordonez and sheff are in a slump but theyll get out of it, but getting beltran makes one of them tradeable and as soon as one of them gets hot, you sell them high.
you have decent RPs and nathan will make it better. good job on taking valverde, like rich hill i knew he was a great sleeper and have him in all my leagues.

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do it

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Sorry - I didn't get past the deal... say bye bye to Johan and hello to league win. Beltran will help EVERY day and a pitcher can help every 5 days. You are getting a first round player for a first round player and 2nd round player to boot. Plus your P staff looks solid to begin with. And of course the rest of your team sucks and you are just realizing it, you took Santana in the first round. I told you not to.now you can make it right. Burn the guy now.

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That's a fair deal, I've noticed that nathan isn't as sharp as he usually is. Also you might want to get a little greedy ask for a little more, wait a few days...if nothing do the orignal deal.

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If you are in a keeper league, ABSOLUTELY NOT! If not I would ask for another marginal player, someone sitting on the bench if only to use as trade bait or to platoon with one of your players i.e. Sheffield who is of to a cold start but should pick up.

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Take the deal! Stat!

Rich Hill is a beast. Matzusaka will tear it up. Halladay is a Tier 1 pitcher.

Ordonez is projected to be one of the busts of this year. Beltran will definitely help out your OF ranks.

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Take the deal b4 he changes his mind. Beltran will help u more than Santana. Nathan will help w/whip,saves and Ks. Santana amd Beltran r 1st rd picks. Plus a get a top closer. Trust,u will be happy u did this deal later

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Do it before the other guy reads this board. Nathan just struck out the side - all looking. (It was KC, but still - all looking doesn't happen every day). And Beltran is the only thing on my team keeping me out of last place.

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