A chance at Pujols?

Question:someone wants to trade me pujols in my h2h league and im not really good with trades can some one help me out.

6) Álex Rodríguez 3B
2. (15) Vladimir Guerrero OF
3. (26) Aramis Ramírez 3B
4. (35) Carlos Delgado 1B
5. (46) Daisuke Matsuzaka SP
6. (55) Gary Sheffield 1B,OF
7. (66) Trevor Hoffman RP
8. (75) Jason Schmidt SP
9. (86) Magglio Ordóñez OF
10. (95) Barry Zito SP
11. (106) Jason Isringhausen RP
12. (115) Jorge Posada C
13. (126) Orlando Cabrera SS
14. (135) Takashi Saito RP
15. (146) Bronson Arroyo SP
16. (155) Pat Burrell OF
17. (166) Kei Igawa SP
18. (175) Adam LaRoche 1B
19. (186) Brad Penny SP
20. (195) Frank Thomas Util
21. (206) Craig Biggio 2B
22. (215) Dave Roberts

What should i send him for a first offer. b/c i really like pujols.


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if you have a chance at Pujols, take it! he's fantasy baseball GOLD! i'd offer Delgado and A. Ramirez (cuz you have a-rod at 3rd)

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Your hitting looks pretty solid. If I were you I would send him a OF like Sheff along with A. Ramirez for Pujols and a pitcher. Pitching is where its at in Fantasy.

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see what the other teams weak areas are then offer them those stats accordingly. I'm thinking you're gonna have to give up Arod as the center of the deal or ramirez as part of 3 for 1 scenario. i would suggest you start by low balling him and making him counter. pujols is great but having pujols and being towards the bottom of your league as a result isn't worth it.

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find out what he wants first - I can't really tell you without knowing what he needs. He may want A-Rod and a pitcher, don't do that. He is not enough of an upgrade over A-Rod for you and you have no other 3B. Plus you are going need all the SB's you can get. Offer him Delgado and Penny or Igawa for Pujols and a SS if he has 2. And see if he bites or counters. Then get back to me

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without seeing the other teams needs, i say you should trade either arod or aramis because you have 2 great third basemen and perhaps he doesnt have a good 3b and would like one. unfortunately arod by himself wont land you pujols so you gotta throw in someone average, say brad penny or something.

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its always hard to trade for the best players in the league but you should trade adam laroche and kei igawa laroche is rated one of the best 1B and kei he is japanese so if he sucks it works out for you

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