1 QB 2 RB 2 WR Playoff Dilemma?

Question:Harrington or Alex Smith (I Know! They both suck)
Addai, McGahee, Alexander(no brainer), Betts
Lee Evans, Driver, A. Johnson (Driver definate)


What is wrong with BJ Ryan?

Go with Smith
Forget Addai and McGahee
go with Evans and Driver
Always check Sports Illustrated.com's Fantasy Rankings on Thursday am. Ive been using it all year and I finished the reg season 11-2

How was my recent fantasy baseball trade quality?

I thought Harrington was banged-up. Check about that. At least Alex Smith is a definite to start this week & I'm sure San Fran is going to have to play catch-up & throw the ball a lot.

Alexander and a toss-up between Betts and McGahee (both face tough matchups). I'm leaning towards Betts.

Driver and Johnson. Lee Evans is good, but Miami has been shutting down offenses lately.

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