3 rbs, 2 spots. Reggie Bush, Ahman Green, and Travis Henry. Who do I play?


Should I trade Lance Berkman for Chase Utley?

bush and henry

Where can I find a list of players on the DL in the MLB?

Bush and Henry..no matter who they are playing, start both of them.

Rookies Mock draft (baseball), what do you think?

Reggie Bush, without a doubt - and Travis Henry - leave Ahman on the bench.

Any good picks for Bristles race?

bush and henry.

Blank page appears after clicking link to enter offline draft results in 2007 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league.?

Reggie Bubsh will ahve another breakuout game and Travis henry is somewat unstopable

Should i start Vince young vs texans or Jeff Garcia vs. washington?

Bush and Henry

Replacing Artest for the remainder of the week! Who do I replace him with?

Reggie Bush and Ahman Green. I know everyone else has said Henry which is why I responded to help you make the correct choice. Henry has been running great, but faces a very good run D of the Jags. His numbers will be down this weekend. On the other hand, Green Bay is at home in winter weather conditions against the worst team in the league. Winter weather favors running and Detroit's players have packed it in for the year. Lions will not want to play hard to spot physical running in the cold.

Advices on this trade?

Reggie Bush!

Some fantasy questions heading into my championship game - need help!?

Bush and Green. The Jags will shut Henry down this week. Bush has figured out how to get into the endzone. The Saints will throw to him out of the backfield and he will find the endzone, again. Green will be playing at home and the Packers actually looked good this past week. He will get plenty of carries and the Lions suck.

What do you think of my team (scale of 1-10)?

the bills have been passing a lot more lately. plus bush and green will explode this week. i'm using green and bush as well on my team this week.

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