Rank Rich Harden?

Rank Rich Harden with todays sp if he stayes healthy. I think he is going to have a great season. He is the A's true ace with high 90's heat and a change up around 88 and a splitter and great command.


Week 16 - Championship?

I picked him up on waivers (!) in my league, and am convinced I'll be pleased with the results. My metrics have him in the high teens in terms of rank. His K/BB totals are great, and he is a strikeout pitcher, which is gold since Ks are the one category that you can depend on.

What do you guys think of A.Benitez, J.Valverde, D.Weathers, R.Clemens and J.Sowers?

he will be up there with the best. ive said all along that if harden and the As can stay healthy he will easily win 18 games with over 200Ks. thats why i drafted him in every one of my fantasy leagues.

Is It Worth It To Trade Marcus Camby?

Well that is his only downfall is the fact he hasnt stayed healthy, BUT if Rich Harden stays healthy he is easily a top 10 pitcher in the game, probably top 5. Id say in this order (IMO):

1.) Johan Santana
2.) Roy Oswalt
3.) Roy Halladay
4.) Chris Carpenter
5.) Rich Harden

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