Another Must Win Playoff Game!! Do I start Edgerrin James against Denver or Marion Barber against Atlanta?

Until last week it was a no-brainer starting Marion Barber, but after his -1 rushing yard last week I'm a little unsure!! Help!!


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Go with Barber. The Edge has been one of the biggest disappointments this year, and against a pissed off Denver defense out looking to make someone pay, he doesn't stand a chance. On the flipside, every time the Cowboys get into the red zone, Barber gets the ball into the endzone. He's like a MACK truck within the 10 yard line.

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Edgerrin James is gonna get eaten alive by that Denver defense. Cards have no O-Line.

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Marion Barber. I sat behind him in math class in high school and I used to cheat off his tests. I don't think edge would have been a good person to cheat off of in math.

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The way Vick has had ups & downs passing the ball these past few months they have to rely on run more than not but Arizonia has a nice passing game and Denver is built for speed so I would go with James - especially after his last game he tends to be getting better these days.

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Definitely Marion Barber the 3rd. He just had an off game last week. Other than that, he's great! The way Edgerrin James has been this season...not so good. You put him against the Denver DEF, he's burnt toast.

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Marion Barber III - you said it yourself, it was a no-brainer. Edge is a great RB, but he's only had 1 or 2 good games all year. MB III has bad games sometimes but he's a pretty solid bet for a TD. We all know TDs rule in fantasy, you better put yourself in a position to get as many as you can.

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Edge has been good lately, but he won't get much against Denver's defense.

Barber will get more carries this week and will do better. Go with the cowboy.

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