RB help for week 15...?

Which RB should I start in week 15? Ahman Green against Detroit or Ladell Betts against New Orleans?? Green hasnt been that great but he's been solid and he's playing a Detroit D that was tore apart by Pinner last week. Betts has been playing like a #1 fantasy back and put up 171 yards last week. The Saints are not good at all against the run but the Redskins will probably be playing from behind early against the Saints and therfore Betts won't get the touches. Help me out here!?!


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Both are solid options.

I would go with Green since he always has success against Detroit (who doesn't?) and Betts might find his yardage down a bit if he can't break off a long run (like Jones did last week).

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i would go with betts

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I would go with Green, the Lions are weak on the run D.

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Play betts: Joe Gibbs believes in the run regardless if they are behind or not he will continue to run.

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I would go w/Aham Green. The Packers are going to try to establish the run to set up the pass against the Lions. Ahman Green will probably get 20-25 touches.

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