Any fantasy basketball sleepers?

i just want to know, anyones latest pickup, and how that player or players are doin


Hows my team?

These have been my latest pickups

Eddy Curry has put up 20+ points in almost 10 straight games, plus he shots a high % and decent boards.

Monta Ellis is streaky but with injury prone Baron Davis and J Richardson he will see a ton of minutes. He can score 20 points any given night along with a couple of 3's and dimes.

Jarrett Jack has been a nice surprise with scoring about 10+ points and 7+ dimes

JR Smith scoring and 3's

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My latest pickup was Sean May about five days ago. Dropped him for Chris Webber. As soon as I drop Webber, he comes back with back-to-back 20-10 games. Tonight, however, he went something like 0-for-6, while May had 26-10 vs. the Suns.

If he's available, consider taking him, along with Jamal Tinsley (he's running the offense for the Pacers) or Travis Outlaw from the Blazers (nice rebounds, blocks, TO's)

First year keeper league?

If you haven't picked up Luke Walton yet, go ahead and pick him because he's got like 14 pts a game, 6 rebs and 4 assists. He's also got a 3pT Pct of over 500, so if he shoots threes he'll make them.

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Just pick Eddy Curry, recently he get 20 points per game.

By the way, i also pick up Mo Williams and M. Ellis , both of them get very strong at scoring.

Need to pick a TE?

I picked up Alonzo Mourning last week. I couldnt believe it when I saw he was still available. If he is get him. He gives lots of rebounds and blocks.

Other interesting pick ups: Brent Barry, JR Smith, Sean May.

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