ADD/DROP question fantasy football?

Question:Should i drop Brad Johnson and Pick up Jeff Garcia (my other QB is Delhomme)
drop Ernest Wilford and get Jamal Lewis?

other considerable QB's to pickup:
J.P Losman
Alex Smith
Matt Lienart
and Jason Campbell


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Drop Johnson and pick up Leinart you can use him next week for sure...
Drop wilford and pick up Lewis - you never know when a RB will get hurt...(I have K. Jones and he's out for year now)

Your Fantasy Team?

pick up garcia and keep wilford

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I would pick up Garcia and also pick up Lewis. He has had better #'s for the last couple of weeks and the Ravens are getting back to playing their old style of running the football and playing great defense.

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No question about dropping Johnson.. he is not going to do you any good. Pick up Jeff Garcia, because he likes to throw and is getting more comfortable.

I also suggest dropping Wilford and getting Jamal Lewis.. Lewis is by far the better one here.

The only other choice I would say is Matt Lienart but Jeff Garcia is your best bet now.

Need QB help? didn't say anything else about your i don't really know
i will tell you though that i'm in the playoffs for the next two weeks

right now, the plan is to start Garcia this week
and Johnson the following week against the Packers

Delhomme deserves a drop.seriously

I will also be starting Jamal Lewis...he's been producing pretty well lately
(granted, i'd rather have Portis, Ronnie Brown, or Frank Gore whom i traded very early in the season in a package for McNabb)

but Lewis is pretty reliable - even though i don't know why your other RBs are

you don't need more QBs than weeks left in your schedule...

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pick up jamal lewis he is on a tear, drop johnson and add smith he is doing a good job, then again there is losman who could be good.go with losman he has good wr's.he and lee evans are good together.

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Make both moves. Garcia is better then Johnson and a bad week by Brad and he could be out. Garcia also doesn't throw many int's as he is a fairly safe qb. Also would consider Smith.

As for Wilford for Lewis, depends on your wr. But getting a starting RB in lewis is always good.

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yes drop brad johnson, he throws 2 many ints.pick up alex smith, hes pretty good

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