Adrian Beltre,Jeff Kent, and Armando Benitez for ?

What are the odds I can get Halladay, or Beckett in this deal? Feel free to suggest a different pitcher I can pick up for these 3.


What do you think of my fantasy baseball team?

I highly doubt you can get a guy like Halladay or Beckett for those players but there are some good pitchers you CAN get for those players. If you throw in Pierre instead of Kent or both you can increase your trade value and come up with someone better. I would send trade proposals to all the managers in your league asking who they will give you for those players. Or instead of trade proposals you can just e-mail the league or post a message in the league home page. Tell them those players are on the trading block.

Cedric Houston? Play or bench?

If I were u I would add a Randy Wolf type guy or a Bronson Arroyo and all those people u said

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