Pick My starters to win playoff game! Please Help!?

QB(pick one) Brett Favre vs Detroit, Jon Kitna vs Greenbay, Tom Brady vs Houston, Or Jeff Garcia vs NY GiantsWR(pick 2)Marty Booker vs Buffalo, Donald Driver vs Detroit, Or Dont'e Stallworth vs NY GiantsRB(pick 2)Brandon Jacobs vs Philly, Frank Gore vs Seattle, Or Maurice Jones-Drew vs TenneseeTE(pick one)Desmond Clark vs Tampa Bay or Owen Daniels vs New England K(already chosen)Robbie Gould and Defense(pick one)New England vs Houston or Oakland vs ST.Louis? Give Good Reasons and choices please!!


How did i do in this mid season draft?

T. Brady, M. Booker, D. Driver, Maurice Jones-Drew, F. Gore, D. Clark, New England

Football management online?

T. Brady
D. Driver
M. Broker
F. Gore
M. Jones-Drew
D. Clark
Def New England

Pitchers from the same team??

Farve - one reason Detroit's Passing Defense
Driver - him and farve have been really hot lately
Booker - he has been hot and joey likes throwing him the ball
Gore - will gore over any Defense and gets the carries to have a 100 yard day with a TD
Drew-Jones - Split carries but who cares when he can run like he did against the colts, he wont do the same against Ten but still will have a TD with 70-80 yards.

Please Help Me?

1.Tom Brady vs. Houston-Houston has a bad defense

2.Donald Driver and Stallworth-I picked the two better receivers here. Stallworth is a better receiver than Booker and Driver faces a sucky Detroit defense.

3.Frank Gore and Maurice Jones-Drew-Frank Gore is a good runner and Maurice Jones-Drew performance this last weekend is a show of what to come.

4.Desmond Clark-New Englands defense will stop Houston's offense and David Carr has had only one passing Td in the last 6 games.

5.New England the Texans Offense sucks and New England has an Ok defense. Oakland has a better defense, but St. Louis will put up more points on Oakland.

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