Are pro-athletle allowed to do fantasy sports for there sport?


How does the sleeper hold work?

Yes, Cris Cooley and the Bears defensive back play it. Some other players have a different view of it like Jake Plummer, who says it is ruining the game, he commented that its about winning and losing, not how many points he gets.

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yea of course as long as they dont shave points like some have with betting
ther is no rule against it and there is no money for the winner so im fine with it

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sure why not

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Pro's are allowed to play but why should they are to busy anyways and last minute changes. I can see know they're in the Locker room HEY Crap I need to get to a Computer Horn's is not playing to day Damn it :(

Rate my fantasy baseball team?

Yes it's ok. Not again ts league rules.

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Yep, unless it involves gambling in some way.

Even then, it would be difficult to prove that a fantasy team would at all be impacted by the effort or lack thereof of one player.

Rb question in two different leagues...kinda of a tough call?

yes, LT has himself on his team, saw it during an interview during sportscenter.

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yes and they do, last year the washington redskins tight end chris cooley played against the fantasy team that had him on their team, HE ENDED UP SCORING THREE TOUCHDOWNS AND LOSING HIS FANTASY GAME BECAUSE OF IT

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Yes, they are allowed. LT has himself on a team (as someone pointed out), and it's been noted that Jeremy Shockey plays. Shockey actually lost his league championship over two TDs that HE caught.

League rules do not prohibit players from playing fantasy sports, or the drafing of any player. As long as games are not thrown on purpose, or huge amounts of money are being gambled (remember, sports gambling is for some reason, illegal), then league rules do not prohivit it.

However, in college, athletes on collegiate teams are not allowed to play any fantasy sports. Some do, but if it found that they are participating (its easy for colleges to track, the said player will be removed from his collegiate team. This happened to one of my buddies on our schools football team.

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