2007 fantasy baseball your best rank?

Plz provide your best rannking...Tks!!



I had Johan Santana as my #1 overall, he never disappoints.

My rankings were kinda weird though:

1 Johan Santana SP
2 Jose Reyes SS
3 Albert Pujols 1B
4 Alfonso Soriano OF
5 Ryan Howard 1B
6 Alex Rodriguez 3B
7 Carlos Beltran OF
8 Chase Utley 2B
9 David Wright 3B
10 Manny Ramirez OF

Yeah, I know, Jose Reyes over Pujols/Howard? Something about a guy that can give me that many Runs and that many Stolen Bases is just awesome.

My Top 5 draft picks ended up being:

1. (1) Johan Santana SP
2. (24) Jimmy Rollins SS
3. (25) Andruw Jones OF
4. (48) Brian Roberts 2B
5. (49) Carlos Delgado 1B

What do yall think of this team?

I had Ryan Howard last year and he was a monster.seems like he will only get better too.So I would pick him even over Pujols.

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Pujols, Soriano, Santana.

Pujols, puts up .330 average 1.000 to 1.100 ops 40hr every year, still has some stolen bases in him and has been doing it 4+ years.

Soriano, If he hit for average he would be #1 since that would also get him another 10-15 Runs every year. 40-40 last year in a park that everyone had said the year before couldn't be hit out of. In Wrigley he will hit at least 40 even in the Lead off position. Moving to lead off he will be getting another 10-20 runs, and with the better line up I don't think his RBI will drop, just stay where they are.

Santana, He is the best Fantasy Pitcher out there.

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My top 5 are:

1. Pujols- this is a no brainer
2. Reyes- speed, average and runs that are through the roof
3. Ryan Howard- awesome power, great hitter
4. Al. Soriano- a little more hesitant but I think he should produce in Chi.
5. Chase Utley- Shallow draft at 2nd, awesome in 4 categories

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