Any improvements i can make on my offense?

joe mauer, lyle overbay...or richie sexson, chase utley, a rod, rafael furcal..or orlando leaning towards furcal, carlos lee, jason bay, juan pierre(all OF), (garrett atkins and ryan zimmerman round out my util players), and i got alex rios on the bench...should i do some improvement on any position?


Fantasy basketball finals:[winners league]?

your telling me that you got all those players on the same team that most of been a small league because you got 8 elite players on the same team. i don't know how you got A-rod and Chase Utley on the same team plus Carlos Lee and Jason bay the people in that league most of been dropped on their heads when they were born. Well you do have 3 elite 3rd baseman you should get a power hitter like Derrek Lee or Andruw Jones for either Zimmerman or Atkins you should work on your first baseman unless overbay or sexson have breakout performances this season which sexson probably would. Other the that you team should be excellent.

Should I drop lance berkman for dan johnson?

With all that talent it must be a one on one league.

Improvement? Hmmmm. Pick up Babe Ruth?

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