Should Tony Dungy be let go for failure to bring the Tampa Bay Defense to Indy?

I thought that he was brought to Indianapolis because of his reputation as a defensive coach. We already had the Offense, but the defense has not appeared to improve by much.


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Dungy may pay the price if the Colts do not have a good playoff run. The problem in Indy though is the fact that all the money is spent on offense instead of on defense like in Tampa Bay. In Tampa, all the stars were on the defense for Dungy to have playmakers to work with. In Indy, all the star are on offense and the defense is mostly young and uproven players. Additionally, the Colts keep letting defensive players go in free agency to keep paying guys like Wayne lots of money to keep Manning happy.

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Yeah. If Indy dosen't go to the bowl this year, he should be gone. he's had enough chances.

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no, but it's not really his fault.if uve watched the colts defense, they hav some good and mostly bad games.the good games is when everything is we all kno that they can certainly play excellent, but the bad games r wen they start committing penalties and just not thinking.

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He doesn't have the players like he used to have when he was with the Bucs.

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