Albert Pujols For CC Sabaitha and Barry Zito?

Question:Im in a 12 man league and my team is
C Johnny Estrada
1b Pujols
2b Uggla
3rd Alex Gordon
SS Hanely Rameriz
OF Alex Rios
OF Matt Holliday
OF Maggilo Ordonez
UT Frank Thomas
UT Chris Duncan
B Mark Tahen
B Adam Laroache
B Macier Itzurez

My Pitchers are
SP Dice-K Matsuzaka
SP Jason Schmidt
SP Mark Buerle
RP Franciso Rodriguez
RP Tasio(dodgers closer)
P Kazmir
PKei Igawa
PNate Robertson
Bench S Torres
B Anabel Sanchez
B Josh Beckett
B Clay Hensley


Is this a good Trade?

Do not get rid of Pujols. Period. Ever. And the cardinal rule of fantasy trades: quantity never makes up for quality.

Can you guys rank these guys for me please 1-4 fantasy wise please?

pujols is the best player there is, don't ever trade him if you have him

What are your thoughts on my Fantasy Baseball team? Any suggestions?

no, simple as that

In fantasy baseball, what is "whip"?

Absolutely - NOT! You don't give up the #1 hitter for anyone and Zito. Zito's numbers have gone down consistently for 3 years. He'll be decent, but those two will not give you back the numbers you lose in that trade. Your staff is decent already, and if you aren't afraid to make some moves as the season goes along, you have a shot when you keep Pujols. You trade him and you're done - you have taken the heart of your offense and given it away. You go from an 8.5 to a 6 immediately.

Should i do this trade, Konerko,Vernon Wells,jason schimdt, for Teixeira,Andruw Jones,Ervin santana?

NO. Keep Pujols

Your starting pitching looks pretty good, so I dont think you would need CC and Zito

Who do I start? Cotchery, Boldin,or Chris Henry?

Keep pujols. He is gonna do really good this year. He does every year.

Should i start Tony Romo or Steve McNair in WEEK 15?

Pujols is on the ultimate "can't cut list", much like a LT or Peyton Manning in Football. He's just one of those guys you can seldom justify moving

Ok refering to my last question i sent...i want to trade ron looking for a forward.. who to get?

TRADE PUJOLS! Just not now. Wait until at least the all star break. If you think your team is doing poorly and you need help, trade Pujols for quanitity. If you have 2 below average players on your roster, it is better to lose 1 superstar for 2 above average players. Only if you are really hurting and think that's the only way to recover though.

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