Another Rate My Fantasy Team?

Question:1-10 and give advice, I'd like to know what I should do I'm feeling I could be needing a change in 1B and 2B.

C. Victor Martinez
1B. Conor Jackson
2B. Rickie Weeks
3B. David Wright
SS. Carlos Guillen
OF. Manny Ramirez
OF. Matt Holliday
OF. Delmon Young
UTIL. Nick Markakis

BN. Ramon Hernandez, Jonny Gomes

SP. CC Sabathia
SP. Erik Bedard
RP. Francisco Cordero
RP. Todd Jones
P. Scott Kazmir
P. Akinori Otsuka
P. AJ Burnett

BN. Anibal Sanchez, John Patterson, Chuck James


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Well your team looks pretty good. I would give it a 7 out of 10. One thing you might want to do is trade one of your catchers for a better first baseman. Right now you have 2 of the top 5 catchers in the league and you don't need both if you can't start both. Check V. Martinez position eligibility because he might be eligible at first base and then you won't have to trade for a first baseman.

Your pitching is pretty good. You might want to drop Otsuka, especially if Gagne is healthy enough to pitch because he will be the closer and not Otsuka. If Gagne is not healthy then Otsuka is a great pitcher to keep.

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Your team looks okay and alot of people are very high on Ricky Weeks. He was a hell of a college player and they think it's his tim to break out. I don't know alot about conner Jackson at first, can you pick up Adam Larouche at first. Your pitching is okay . I would give you a 6 if I had to be honest, try to make some trades.

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You need an upgrade at closer. Cordero is iffy at best and Jones is getting old and just barely still effective. He'll be on a very tight leash with league best set-up man Joel Zumaya waiting behind him... 6.5/10 but that could get as high as an 8 if you can find a way to get a stud closer and Connor has a breakout year.

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looks pretty solid. you dont need 2 catchers, especially two top catchers like hernandez and martinez. trade one of them for some sort of package deal. you could look for another RP. both of your guys are suspect right now, cordero is eratic at times and jones is getting old. also see if you can find some sort of verteran-type for 1b just in case jackson has a rough year. look for someone like laroche. i like your bench starters. james might fall into that second year funk that pitchers usually get themselves into. but i believe he will be solid. good luck

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Like the batting. Martinez can play two positions which is helpful. I actually like your first baseman, I think Jackson could have a good game. Wright was a good pick he'll be solid. Not completely sold on Holliday yet. He may be the X factor on your team. Ramirez was another good pick. Like your shorstop, guillen is a major sleeper. Drop the catcher on your bench, two catchers= fantasy disaster.

Pitching is strong at top but gets very week toward the bottom. Look for maybe another closer+ drop chuck james(im a big fan and i can honestly say i have never heard of this guy before). Try to pick up either Mike Maroth or Greg Maddux, hes in for a big year.
Good Luck.

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Move Markakis to 1b and look for another utility. Check to see if Chris Duncan is on the waiver wire. He had 23 home runs in half the at bats that he'll receive this year... he very well could hit 40.

Your pitching scares me a little bit. It's got a lot of talent but these guys are arms just waiting to explode such as Kazmir and Burnett. I love Sabathia but he hasn't lived up to hype yet. And I think Bedard will truly be the break out player of the year so great pick there.

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