2B fantasy baseball?

Question:kendrik or uggla?

on my bench, sexson, ibanez,prince fielder, cuddeyer, who should go? my utility is felipe lobez, but he is my only true 40 steal guy


Kyle farnsworth or mike mcdougal?

If you have a need for stolen bases look for BJ Upton of the Devil Rays. They will have a young and exciting offense this year. With him getting your stolen bases you can find a bigger hitter than Lopez for your utilty slot.

What you think of my fantasy baseball team 14 team league looking at my team should i trade greg maddux for?

felipe lopez is about to gain 2bman eligablity. uggla is going to be more power but kendrick could get a batting title and lots of runs. uggla = .280 average, 20-30 dingers, 70 runs and 80-90 rbis. kendrick wont impact as mnuch till next year and on your bench def if anyone get rid of sexson, for ex. he was 2-38 in spring training!! lol k keep all and felipe as 2b and drop sexson

Which picks are locks vs too risky in 2007 fantasy baseball?

I'd go Kendrick. The guy has future-batting-champ written all over him. Lopez will definitely steal more bases, and might put up more runs, but you can't ignore Kendrick's upside. Lopez won't match last year's stats ad he's now playing for the worst team in baseball (Washington)

Kendrick has a real shot at hitting .300+, hitting 15-20 homers, 80RBI, with +/- 15 steals.

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