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So I'm in the playoffs and have been squeaking out wins with LT and others. The rest of my team is solid except my QB...Carr. He's killing me and everyone knows I need a QB but want too much for trades. So I picked up Cutler this morning cause he plays against Arizona and I think Cincy after that. Start Cutler over Carr? Or should I pick up Jason Campbell? Personally I'm more comfortable with Cutler...it can't get any worse than Carr.


Blockbuster Trade! Your thoughts?

Cutler definitely... Carr needs to be traded or retire... the Texans blow... no secret. Campbell isn't a bad option, but I'd still go with Cutler.

Rate my fantasy team?

neither are very good but i think i would go with cutler also

Should i go this week?

I would go with Cutler

Hines Ward or Crotchery?

Dude, go with Cutler. Carr is a joke. Houston should've picked up Vince Young, but they didn't and now they are freakin' sorry! David's confidence is shaken, his ability questionable, and his future is getting more and more cloudy. Toss Carr, he's a loser, pick up Cutler - at least you'll have a 50-50 chance.

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