[Fantasy Baseball]Is this trade fair- C.Utley and Chris Young (SD-P) for T.Hafner and H.Ramirez? (good 4 me?)?

Question:I have chase utley and chris young, but is the trade leaning towards me considering my team in this 10 person head to head league is :

C-Kenji Johjima
1b- Prince Fielder
2b- Chase Utley (soon to be robinson cano)
3b- david wright
ss- rafael furcal (trading him for robinson cano after this trade)
OF- matt holliday
OF- rocco baldelli
OF- Jason Bay
UTIl- Howie Kendrick
UTIL- Nick Johnson

SP- CC Sabathia
SP- Chris Young (SD Pitcher)
SP- Rich Hill
SP-AJ Burnett
SP- John Patterson
SP- Brad Penny
SP- Scott Olsen
SP- Dave Bush
RP- Mariano Rivera
RP- Brian Fuentes
RP- Jason Isringhausen
RP- Kerry Wood (future CP)


Who should i drop? why?

NO, DON'T DO IT!! Sure, you might get Hafner and a good, young short stop, but seeing that you have Wright, Utley, Johnson, Bay, and great pitching, you don't need anything else. Maybe a better first baseman, so trade an outfielder (other than Bay) for a good one.

In fantasy baseball, anyone think that if I trade Jason Giambi and Chris Young (OF) for Alex Rios is worth it?

Nope, It's an OK trade but I wouldn't accept it. You do need a good shortstop though. Think about it.

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