10 team league, whatdya think?

Question:C-M. Barrett
1B-Derrick Lee
2B-Howie Kendrick
3B-Alex Rodriguez
SS-Jimmy Rollins
OF-Adam Dunn
OF-Nick Swisher
OF-Michael Cuddyer
Util-Travis Hafner
BN-Alex Gordon

SP-Roy Halladay
SP-Ben Sheets
SP-Dan Haren
SP-Rich Hill
SP-Adam Wainwright
SP-Derek Lowe
SP-Josh Johnson (DL)
RP-Francisco Cordero
RP-Joe Borowski
RP-Jonathan Broxton
RP-Matt Capps


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Looks good except maybe the closers, Both Cordero and Borowski are shaky. If they start to fail, pick up strong ERA and Whip guys and forego the Saves category. BTW, you won't be winning the AVG cat either with both Dunn and Swisher (no big worry).

Response to the first answer above:

Replace Kendrick with Polanco? Granted Kendrick is a speculative pick, but give him a chance before grabbing Polanco or anyone else. Trust me, Polanco will be there waiting for you later (barring a rash or 2B injures).

Torii Hunter for Util man? Over Hafner? Are you nuts?

Marcus how'd your boys do this weekend?

I would replace kendrick at second with P. Polonco from the Tigers, he is a much better hitter, specially with runners in scoring postion and a better fielder then who you have. I would also try getting Torii Hunter from the Twins as your util. man. Drop Borowski and get Gagne from the Rangers or even Looper from the Cards.

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Not bad.. if you need another RP, or are searching for a better one, Al Reyes was named Tampa Bay's closer and is availible in almost all Y! leagues at this point. He had only a 2.31 ERA last yr.

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Your team is pretty stacked on bats, but you don't really have a lot of fallback if one goes down. I'd see about trading one of your millions of pitchers for a guy that can do two or three positions. But overall, B+.

By the way, I completely agree about Kendrick, and drafted him accordingly. Also, if Swisher can get his average up, he's going to be a monster.

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Except for A-Rod, I love your team bro! Your pitching is SICK! You will p0wn ~Fantasy Girly

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