Alex rios or jj drew?

I need a rf in my league and im not sure wich one to pick


Trade on the Table?

Rios is a rising star with incredible potential and hits in the middle of a potent lineup. Drew is a great hitter when healthy.there is the problem. His history suggests he will not play more than 120 games and since he inked a new deal there is no urgency to produce or concerns about staying healthy. When he is playing everyone wonders why they didnt pick him, then the injury bug bites him and that is when you are grateful you didnt own him. So Rios is the safer pick with a higher upside and is also a 20 SB guy with healthy wheels on top of the .300 ave and 20-15 HR potential.

Laverneus coles, warrick dunn, and maurice jones drew which two?

Rios. He had a staph infection last year, but that has been his only major health problem. He has nothing but upside. Drew is always dinged up and plays for money; he has his contract, so expect pedestrian numbers.

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