A couple fantasy football questions for you!?

Question:Who should I Start at QB this week?
Chad Pennington @ Min., Vince Young vs Jac., or Steve McNair vs Cle.

Wich 2 of these RBs should I start?
Frank Gore @ Sea., Thomas Jones vs TB, Willis McGahee vs Mia.

Thanks for your opinion!


I need 1 more beginner for fantasy baseball?

QB - for this week only go with Steve McNair as Cleveland is the worst defense of the three. Otherwise the other 2 are better players.

RB - Gore the rest of the year.
Go with McGahee. He's been running much better recently and Thomas Jones splits carries with Cedric Benson. Also, Miami never does well in the winter up north at Buffalo. McGahee will carry the Bills over the Dolphins.

WR - Furrey and Booker. Marty Booker has caught a TD in 4 straight games or something like that. If your WR catches a TD or goes for 120+ yds, that's golden. Furrey is one of Kitna's main targets and the most consistent WR you have.

Who should i start in week 16?

RBs...Gore and Jones....The Dolphins' D is tough against the run

Who should I start at Wide Reciever?

Start Steve McNair, and Frank Gore. Steve vs. Browns 21st ranked pass defense. Gore vs. 25th ranked rush defense.

Which QB to start? Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Leinart, or Tim Rattay?

Vince Young is on fire right now. I say go with him. He has led some great comebcaks and will get you points thru the air and on the ground.

Definitley start Gore. Seattle's defense isn't that good. Start Jones as well. I don't think running against Miami is a good idea right now. Or anymore this season.

Vikings or seattle defense week 15?

You should go with Frank Gore and Thomas Jones at RB...even though Thomas Jones has been splittin carries, but Willis has been injured the last couple of weeks, and had to leave last game for some time as well...but for sure go with Frank, he tore up the seahawks last time out, and it helps the seachickens cannot tackle.

As for QB, hmmmm.Kinda tough, hard to go with the rookie VY, Chad Pennington has been so up and down this year...and Steve McNair hasn't done anything to impressive. But out of those 3 I would play the matchups, and go with Steve Mcnair at home against the Browns. Which the Ravens should spank this time, but was a good game last game, one of Ravens come from behind last minute wins...and is a division rival, so they want to blow them out.which means more points for steve.

Outragious Draft Stratigies.?

QB: McNair against a really bad DEF. A no-brainer.
RB: Gore at the Seahawks, he's done well against them this season. Jones will do crap. McGahhe is on a roll, but he's sorta hurt. Check up for injury updates on him, if he's fine or probable or questionable, play him. If not, play Jones.

Whats my best option for week 15??

Listen to Kenny G.

Fantasy baseball?


Flip a coin

Running Back week 15?

Minnesota has a suffocating rush defense, but their pass defense isn't that good so the Jets are going to pass a lot. So Pennington has potential for a big day.

Mcnair is a solid start. He won't have a huge day because they are going to run all over the browns defense, (being a Browns fan I would know,) but he will get you solid numbers.

Gore is a definite start. Thomas Jones is splitting carries because as the Bears are locking up homefield advantage, he is being rested, so I think McGahee is better option this week.

Green Bay has a bad defense, so go with Furrey. Booker has been hot lately, so start him too.

How does my fantasy team look ?

mcnair gore jones, no doubt

What fantasy team will win this week?

Gore and MaGhee

Will The Indianopolis Colts repeat as Superbowl Champs?

McNair, Gore, Booker and Furrey

Who is better, Moises Alou or Mark Teahen for fantasy baseball?

I like Pennington and Young but I'd start McNair at QB, with gore and Jones at RB

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