Adrian gonzalez and ty wigginton?

what are their fantasy values, potentials, and which one should i add off the waiver and why


Week 15 second round of playoffs who should i start? L.Betts---T.Henry---or M.Barber?

this guy obviously knows nothing. adawg is only a 1B, not OF. and wiggington is horrible. last year was a good year. he is only gonna get like 40 runs. he does have great position eligbility. but unless your in like a 20 team league i wouldnt come near him. Adrian gonzalez however has huge potentail and could produce above guys like konerko if he didnt play at Petco. get adawg immediately.

Fantasy Baseball Suggestion?

Wigginton is an all around solid player that plays almost every position in the field. Gonzalez has more upside though and you might be able to put him at 1B and in the outfield.

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