Alright Ladies, I need a little advice?

Question:I am currently top seed in my league but im having a little RB trouble. Kevin Jones and Dunn are injured for me, so assuming dunn cant go, choose me 2 of the following to start week 15...

Sammy Morris, Dominic Rhodes, Cedric Houston, Justin Griffith, or Ron Dayne.


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Ouch. You are in a bind here. You probably do not want to start Dayne because even though he had a great game last week, that was against the Titans and he will be facing a tough NE run defense rated 3rd best against the run. You can't forget that Houston will be probably playing from behind and Carr will have to throw alot.

Next to Cedric Houston. Only one thing i can say about him: they are playing the Vikings. That says it all. They are 1st best against the run and no one is running against them. Secondly, he is splitting time with Leon Washington. Definitely don't want to start Houston this week.

I would not recommend playing Dominic Rhodes because the Colts are playing Cincinnati this week and Peyton will be throwing all day. Rhodes might do O.K. but probably will not get over 50 yards on the ground and MAYBE a touchdown. My advice: sit him

With both Dunn and Noorwood probably out for next weeks game, you will probably want to start Griffith. We saw last week what he can do and he will get the carries.

Lastly, your strongest play will be with Sammy Morris this week. Morris has been getting it done and he had a great week last week with Brown out. Go with Morris because i predict he gets about 100+ yards and a TD. Buffalo is 6th worst against the run and has given up major production to running backs the past few weeks.

Go with Morris and Griffith, they are your best plays this week
Good luck and I hope I helped!

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morris and griffith

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I would start Griffith if Dunn is out, Atlanta is committed to the run. Morris is a very good play because the Bills have a weak run defense. Rhodes will not get enough touches with Addai in the picture. Dayne will get the carries but will get shutdown by the Pats. Houston there is a problem, he plays a Minnesota team that gives a a whopping 2.7 yards per carry.

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i know what you're going through

i own/owned Clinton Portis and Ronnie Brown
(along with McNabb...but i won't get started on that)

Ron Dayne is going against the that might be tough, but I'm starting him
and out of your list, i'll go with Sammy Morris

good luck

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Sammy morris, and Ron dayne because both came off of pretty good games and don't face the toughest opposing defenses.

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Sammy Morris for sure since Ronnie Brown will be out another week. Rhodes was ok, but I guess that I would go with Dayne.


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