Rate my Fantasy basketball team?

Question:H2H/No Turnovers/No fouls

Steve Nash
Brevin Knight
Brandon Roy
Kevin Martin
Josh Smith
Rashard Lewis
Ricky Davis
Caron Butler
Lamar Odom
Mehmet Okur
Al Jefferson
Carlos Boozer
LaMarcus Aldridge (great pick-up!)

Trade deadline has passed.

I'm currently in 4th place in a 10-team league.


Where does roy williams live?

nice team but apart from josh smith who'll get u blocks and butler for steals, u have no defense.

How do you reactionaries feel now that Mike Vick has been exonerated?


Who to start week 14? brandon jacobs or Deangelo williams?

I would say very good, Aldridge will definetly help your team out. And with no turnovers, nash's value is even greater. Nice work!

Should I drop Uggla for Theriot?

D, you're screwed

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