#5 in fantasy baseball draft-who should I pick? Hurry!?

Draft in 20 minutes


Who should i start for QB?

Well, Pujols will 99.9% be taken, so I would pick Reyes if he's there. He will give you 60+ steals, and is the best SS in baseball. If he's taken, try to get Soriano or Santana. If all of them are taken, I would get A-Rod or Carl Crawford. A-Rod will give you 35+ HR's, and his lowered weight will probably give you 20-25 Steals. Crawford is about equal to A-Rod, bt his power numbers and steals are switched. Crawford will give you about 40-45 steals at least, but he will only give you about 20-25 HR's probably. I would take Crawford, because Steals are harder to come by than HR's.

Would you trade an everyday player (Russell Martin) for a pitcher (Brandon Webb) if you already Joe Mauer?

A-Rod, Soriano, Utley

But if you waited until 20 minutes before draft to ask, you are already in trouble with rest of your picks so it doesn't really matter. And you are definitely not prepared enough to take Santana.

Garrard or Manning?


Rate my fantasy baseball team?

Utley, king of the scarce 2b position.

Cutler or Eli?

take the best avaiable player (like reyes)

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