Should I trade A Rod for Richie Sexon and Adrian Beltre?


Fantasy Baseballers!...i needs me some help?

it is a coin flip as sexson will give u 30 hrs and 100 rbis and beltre, if he returns to form in his contract year, can hit 45 hrs and drive in 120 rbis. i personally dont think he will and sexson has too low of an avg and too many strikeouts. if you do this and it works, you will look like a genious. if you dont do it, you will look safe but maybe smart in the long run if beltre/sexson have bad years.

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You'd essentially be gving up MVP potential for a decent 3B and a dead roster spot. Sexson will have zero impact on your success this season. Beltre is going to be good, especially as he is in a contract year, but even a career year for him is an average year for A Rod. And if A Rod is traded to the Cubs he will only improve.

Whos favor is this trade in?

No way. A-Rod is an elite fantasy player. You'd be giving him away for 2 mediocres.

Should i do this trade?

lay off the crack. It might be even if you put A. Ramirez in place of Beltre and Delgado in place of Sexon. Then it could be fair. A-Rod's value has only gone down to due to negative press in NY. He still bats in the middle of the most potent lineup in baseball and he will always get his stats barring injury. I think he is still in the top 3 of fantasy producers.

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only if ur the one getting a-rod

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plain and simple...YES, a rod has not shown enough of his texas days when he has been on the yankees, yeah, an mvp, but that wasn't his full potential, he is too inconsistent at batting, and certainly in the field as well, give him a week or two before doing the trade though, just get an idea on how he is going to start the season (high or low)

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