(Me) Pujols for (him) Dice-K and Jeter. What do you think?

My team really needs SPs really bad. I think it's a decent trade. Right now I have Harden, Harang, Wang, and Lowry for starting pitchers.


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dont do it. jeter is great for fantasy but pujols is so much better. dice-k is overrated. he got shelled by the Os in spring training and they have little offense. he will probably fade down the stretch even if he is good most of the year because he is not used to the mlb workload.

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i would deff go for this pujols will give u hr,rbis,avg but dice k will get 18 wins 240 ks and jeter may be the best all round fantasy player ever he will give u 90 runs 25hrs 90 rbis 20 sb 310avg deff take this trade

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go for it

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Honestly, you're not getting enough for Pujols. He is the overall number one pick and your getting in return a SS who doesn't hit for any power or get many RBI's (making him a 3 tool SS), and a SP who hasn't thrown in a real MLB game yet. If you could get a Roy Oswalt, Roy Halladay or Chris Carpenter I think it would be a good trade for you. I think Dice K is going to be a great pitcher, but giving up Pujols to get him, I'm not so sure about that.

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Do it. Dice-K is going to be the best in the Red Sox rotation this year. Jeter is going to get basehits and about 20- or more-homeruns. Pujols is going to be great, so maybe after you do this, pick up a firstbasemen.

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Never trade the super elite for two above average players (and Dice-K is an unknown anyway)...pick up Randy Wolf or Ian Snell off waivers as a SP and keep Pujols. If you need a SS look at Tulowitski from Colorado or JJ Hardy from Milwaulkee

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u r even considering giving up the best player in the game, (pujols)? and for some unproven pitcher? damn, i wish you were in my league

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Matsu-Saki might start strong, but will get figured out - he'll still be good, but not Johannesque...I have a personal policy never to have Jeter on my roster after that debacle of a Saturday Night Live host - (Derek Jeter's Taco Hole might just be the worst skit ever...) Keep Pujols.

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I wouldn't do it if I was "him"

I think your team really sucks.

You need some Dee-troit pitchers if you want to win.

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Insted of doing this trade pickup... Jeremy Sowers, Chuck James and posibly Boof Bonser. These guys will help your pitching without giving up the best player in the game. If you do want to trade AP trade him for Johan Santana or Chris Carpenter.

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Unless he was hurt, there's no way I part with big AL. You can find pitching on waivers all year, just play the best matchups. Man, I never got AL this year.

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Interesting choice, Dice-K is really still a questionable pick up, alot of people are riding his bandwagon, but he has'nt played an actual game yet. So, we have no idea how good he's gonna be, but if your going to get Jeter in the deal as well, then i'd go for it. Have you checked your free agent pool for starting pitchers?? That's usually a good idea before you start trading players though.

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