Should the Bears make a trade for Denver's Al Wilson?

I say if he fits, go after him. The windows open only one or two more years. Forget the future. Go get it now. What other veteran Defensive players can they get?


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The Bears would never go for that, their better keeping Briggs even if he hates being there. There defense is fine and they most likely will draft young on defense like usual. They need a TE to complement Clark and its touchy when it comes to WR they have Muhammad, Berrian, Bradley (if he stays healthy) and Davis. The problem is they are young and have great potential, but the Bears need to win now, so trading one and/or picking up a good veteran WR would benefit the Bears. An extra back is also needed greatly Benson is ready and will start and Peterson is a good backup, but they need a quality vet to backup Benson. The QB position is obvious, so the bottom line is, they don't need a veteran Defensive player, they need a good veteran Offensive player. Finding a good veteran RB will be tough so not sure there, but QB's go for Green, Leftwich or even (don't laugh) Carr. GO OFFENSE BEARS

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The only way they do that is if they trade Lance Briggs. They are already loaded at LB so I think they should concentrate on offense. I think trading Thomas Jones was a mistake and they need to get another RB to compliment Benson. They also need to look at getting another WR and QB if Grossman can't right the ship.

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