Answer our question about our fantasy team below thanks :)?

Question:What do u think of our fantasy baseball team and what changes should we make?
Edit Opp Status H/AB R HR RBI SB AVG
C Jason Varitek
(Bos - C) CUtilBN 87/365 46 12 55 1 .238
1B Derrek Lee
(ChC - 1B) 1BUtilBN 50/175 30 8 30 8 .286
2B Rickie Weeks
(Mil - 2B) 2BUtilBN 100/359 73 8 34 19 .279
3B Adrián Béltre
(Sea - 3B) 3BUtilBN 166/620 88 25 89 11 .268
SS José Reyes
(NYM - SS) SSUtilBN 194/647 122 19 81 64 .300
OF Manny Ramírez
(Bos - OF) OFUtilBN 144/449 79 35 102 0 .321
OF Vernon Wells
(Tor - OF) OFUtilBN 185/611 91 32 106 17 .303
OF Álex Ríos
(Tor - OF) OFUtilBN 136/450 68 17 82 15 .302
Util Prince Fielder
(Mil - 1B) 1BUtilBN 154/569 82 28 81 7 .271
BN Jason Giambi
(NYY - 1B) 1BUtilBN 113/446 92 37 113 2 .253
BN Jim Edmonds
(StL - OF) OFUtilBN 90/350 52 19 70 4 .257
BN Ken Griffey Jr.
(Cin - OF) OFUtilBN 108/428 62 27 72 0 .252
BN Juan Rivera
(LAA - OF) OFUtilBN 139/448 65 23 85 0 .310
BN Geoff Jenkins
(Mil - OF) OFUtilBN 131/484 62 17 70 4 .271
BN --empty-- - - - - - -
DL --empty-- - - - - - -

Pos Edit Pitchers Edit Opp Status IP W SV K ERA WHIP
SP Matt Cain
(SF - SP) SPPBN 190.2 13 0 179 4.15 1.28
SP Kenny Rogers
(Det - SP) SPPBN 204.0 17 0 99 3.84 1.26
RP B.J. Ryan
(Tor - RP) RPPBN 72.1 2 38 86 1.37 0.86
RP Francisco Cordero
(Mil - RP) RPPBN 75.1 10 22 84 3.70 1.34
P Kerry Wood
(ChC - SP) SPPBN 19.2 1 0 13 4.12 1.37
P Tom Glavine
(NYM - SP) SPPBN 198.0 15 0 131 3.82 1.33
P Noah Lowry
(SF - SP)

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but what can we do to make it better


I accidentally joined the Yahoo Sports NASCAR and Golf Leagues. How do I remove my teams?

you could really use a top notch starter and you have people to spare as well you could trade fielder, lee, or giambi for a kazmir or a brett myes because you need one more picther but your lineup is great with a good mix of speed/power/average...dont change the lineup

How many people play fantasy basketball on yahoo?

your teams pretty strong but old. just watch out for injuries and keep and eye on the waiver wire. Try selling giambi off you bench for a deceng starter cuz thats where youre lacking big time...

Who should I start at 3B tonight?

The offensive side is a very strong team, but your pitching is weak.

I don't like Beltre at 3B and Weeks could go either way, but other than that it is strong. Giambi (or Fielder) is basically going to be a backup in case Lee gets hurt, but if you are willing to give up that cushion you might be able to work a deal for a better 3B. What are you going to do with the extra OFs?

Your relief could fall apart easily too (Cordero could come unglued again and Wood is always an injury risk). That eaves Ran who is starting the season with some minor soreness. You won't be taking the saves area with this bunch too often. The starters may get some wins (not enough of them to take the cat though), but will likely never take the Ks, and struggle to get te ERA and Whip categories. You simply need more SPs. Clear that offensive bench and get some SPs!!

Anybody have an opinion on Sosa?

I would say trade a 1ber away for a better 2nd base or 3rd base. (you only can use 2 at a time one at UTil and one at 1b)
Secondly I would drop Jenkins, Rivera, Edmonds and pick up some more pitching help. You need at least one more closer and you may want to pick up some young SP. (maybe take a waiver on someone like Millage on the Of side or young or even Gordon.

All toegether its a pretty decent team but to win your going to need some Pitching help

Phil Hughes?

Looks like a team I just advised. Get the old geezers out of the outfield and find some starting pitchers. Griffey, Jenkins, those dudes will sit there until you want them back, and there are better options for OF on your waivers. Get some starters, and stop posting this team repeatedly. Get ye to the league site.

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