1st Fanatasy Leage...ever?

Question:Active sports fan, but this is my first fantasy league. 12 teams, head-to-head.

C - Jorge Posada
1B - Justin Morneau
2B - Rickie Weeks
3B - A-Rod
SS - Felipe Lopez
OF - Jermaine Dye
OF - Adam Dunn
OF - Magglio Ordonez
Util - Eric Chavez
bn - Marcus Giles
bn - Carlos Quentin
bn - Miguel Montero

SP - Carlos Zambrano
SP - Ben Sheets
RP - BJ Ryan
RP - Bob Wickman
P - Justin Verlander
P - Freddy Garcia
P - Mike Gonzalez
bn - Noah Lowry
bn - Scott Shields

Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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For a 12 team league, this is actually a pretty good team. Especially for your first go-around. Posada im sure you relatively late. He will not hurt your team. Morneau is obviously solid, but look for him to come down to earth a bit. His power numbers shouldnt dip much, but look for his average to be just under 300 rather than around 320. Arod is obviously very valuable and you got a GREAT deal in Felipe Lopez. I believe he had something like 44 steals last year and he does not hurt your team in any category. Most people dont realizse hes that valuable.

Do not expect the same year from Dye. He is in a contract year, but he had never put numbers like last year up before. But he will be in all likelihood a top 10 outfielder so he is good there. Dunn is a problem of sorts. You will love his power numbers and he also scores a lot of runs because he gets walked so much.

Your bench is pretty much useless in fantasy baseball. Dont waste it on many position players. Keep Giles. Drop Quentin and Montero. If you need them later in the season, they or someone more valuable will be there for you to pick up.

Zambrano is a GREAT pick. Contract year, already solid numbers, kudos to you. Sheets will be great IF he stays healthy. Verlander you got late, as he is going late in all of my drafts. Awesome pick. Garcia is alright for your last starter, but nothing to write home about obviously. BJ Ryan will have a good year, but as a rule I would not draft closers as high as you drafted him. Wickman is a good pickup and nice job on getting insurance on him in mike gonzalez.

You WILL want another cheap closer or two. Look to pick up David Weathers or Seth McClung if they are available. Ive seen Joe Borowski, Ryan Dempster, and Armando Benitez not get drafted in 10 team leagues. They would help your team a ton.

Good Job

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how the hell do you have a team like that in a 12 person. aight well first of all marcus giles and miguel montero are going nowhere, and unless holds is a category get rid of scot shields. also noah lowry has been way too inconsistent and the coach is thinking of putting him back to the minors. great team overall tho, and also id try trading justin verlander because in spring trainig hes done absolutly horrible.

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Good job Mr. Steinbrenner.

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WOW- i wish i had this draft. My concern is your starting staff and your utility. i would see if i could trade A-Rod and Ben Sheets for Aramis Ramirez and their best starter. I don't know exactly what the other team looks like that has Ramirez so i really couldn't help you trade for another starter. If they have Roy Halladay or pretty much better than that i would trade for them. Nice pick in Marcus Giles. I see him in the comeback player of the year category. You should have success in your league. Good Luck

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For a 12 man league, no offense, but you drafted horrible man, you made a lot of mistakes. You need better pitching staff, more steals, more saves, better power, and better numbers dude! Your starting rotation is pretty much filled up good but you need at least 2 more closers than what you already have. And judging from Justin Verlander's horrible performance during Spring Break, I'd suggest trading him for someone or losing him off of the Waiver wire for some power/steals. A-Rod is probably your best power hitter and will put up the best numbers. Also Justin Morneau is good, but still you drafted horrible.

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