Albert pujols and carl crawford FOR carlos delgado, alfonso soriano, and josh beckett?

do it or no?


Will chone figgins of the LA angles play in opening day this season or is he still injured?

Nope. Pujols and Crawford are two solid performers. Soriano is gonna be a top player this year, but Delgado is an aging player who will not be nearly as much of a point produce as Crawford. Josh Beckett could be a hit or miss. It all depends if he can get that curveball working. Personally I wouldnt do it, because you are putting a lot of your chips into hoping that Delgado and Beckett have big seasons, but if they dont you are screwed.

Championship Game. Who should I start ?

pujols/crawford wins.I wouldn't trade them

I've been offered Vlad Guerrero for Grady Sizemore?

whoever gets pujols and crawford win. delgado is old and wont be as productive. fonz will be great but pujols is better. beckett has a pretty high era and isnt all that great anymore. crawford has speed and i believe his power will be there this year.

Fantasy baseball team, how is it?

It depends wat pitchers you have if you have good ones, keep the players if you dont have good pitchers do the trade cuz beckett is good plus soriano and delgado, you cant go wrong.

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