Anyone interested in a Real GM League?

Question:I co-run a Real GM League, which is similar to a dynasty league. You take over one of the 30 real MLB teams, full majors and minors included, make trades, sign free agents, re-sign guys, claim and place guys on waivers, demote and promote guys in minor leagues, and control a 40 man roster. There are a few openings: The Red Sox, Indians and Braves are open. We use a message board to discuss league goings on, and to post trades and sign FA's, etc. The actual league is run on League Manager, so you know how your team is doing. We go by real stats, not generated stats.

Anyone who is interested, don't hesitate to sign up. I am kramerica1515 on the board, so PM me there with any questions. If you sign up, I will email you the league invitation. Come on and check it out!



Should I accept this trade offer?

ill join as the indians, it sounds kool nevermind ill get rangers i guess. How do i sign up for the rangers

What trade would be good for both of us?

ill take the sox's

Questions Regarding My Fantasy Team.?

hook me up with the rangers...

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