Any fantasy shockers?

Question:Is there any fantasy baseball player in FA that is going to do everything to help your lineup and be off the wall nasty?
(sleepers people already know about not accepted)


RB to play?

ty wigginton for sure..
you could look for chris duffy to snag 40 something steals as well
chris iannetta outta colorado could have great breakout year

and the big one
Chris duncan outta st louie will hit 35 homers

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Adam Wainright, he might already count as a known sleeper, but i just picked him up off the waiver wire the other day. I like the guy, not to mention there is a possibility of him turning into a closer incase Isringhuasen gets injured.

Nate Robertson, believe it or not, out of all of the Tiger pitchers, he's been one of the most consistent this spring, thats right, even more so than Verlander. Not to mention now that the tiges hav the right handed bat that they needed last year in sheffield, expect more run support.

Hope that helps.

Need some fantasy players to join our league?

C Michael Barrett...
P Dave Bush
1B Adrian Gonzalez
2B Brian Roberts
SS Troy Glaus (he qualifys in yahoo)
3B Aramis Ramirez
OF Jermaine Dye
OF Alex Rios
OF Raul Ibenez

Those players got the most total bases last year at their positions except 1B 2B and Jeter but Glaus hit more HR... so if you can sneak some of those guys in your lineup late your doing well.. also OF Pat Burrell is in contract year so he was my pickup... and P Anabel Sanchez and Scott Olson.. also are might be on waivers...

Matt jones or reggie brown?

Deep sleepers you're looking for? I kind of like Joe Blanton of the A's.

Who Will Win?

Catcher...Martin (LA) or Laird (Tex)

1st.Gonzalez (SD) or Conor Jackson (Ariz)

2nd...Kinsler (Tex), Kendrick (Angels) or Lopez (Sea.)

3rd...Teahen (KC), Gordon (KC) or Encarnacion (Cin)

SS.Tulowitzki (COL), Drew (Ariz) or J.J.Hardy (Mil)

OF...Markakis (Balt), Chris Young (ARI), Duncan (St.L.) or Luke Scott (Houst)

SP.Bonser (Minn), Garza (MINN), Wainwright (ST.L.), Bush (Mil) or Maine (NY. M)

RP.Broxton (LA) or Zumaya (Det)

These are mostly names of guys that arent drafted in more than 20% of Yahoo drafts and some will be lights out produsers...I've done most of the homework foryou, now decide which of these are the best (I know which ones I drafted and why).

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For position players I would say expect Bobby Crosby to finally have a big year and maybe Troy Tulowitzki as a rookie. For pitchers watch out for rookies Phil Hughes, Matt Garza, and Brandon Morrow if he can fight for a rotation spot in Seattle. Even if he gets into the bullpen hes one to watch for 2008.

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