Any girls playing fantasy baseball?

Or is it just me? I loved baseball since I was a little girl. Honestly, I cannot wait to cream all the other guys, because my team freaking p0wns their sorry butts. Say guys, you like fantasy girlies? I bet I know more stats than youse ;) haha, no all's fair in love and fantasy sports. I'll still beat ya!


How do the fantasy trophies look like?

Honey - I don't even know you, but just hearing you say that you know "more stats than me" is just about as sexxxxxy as it gets :-)

Im up for the challenge! lol Fantasy League (Private) Join?

You can't beat my team:

Infield: Jorge Posada, Justin Morneau, Adrian Gonzalez, Freddy Sanchez, Aramis Ramirez, Jose Reyes

Outfield: Ichiro Suzuki, Torii Hunter, Johnny Damon, and Melky Cabrera

Utility DH: Jason Giambi

Bench: Melky Cabrera, Shea Hillenbrand, Brian Giles, and Mark Loretta

SP: Johan Santana
SP: Chris Carpenter
RP: Joe Nathan
RP: B.J. Ryan
P: Joel Zumaya
P: Roy Oswalt
P: Barry Zito
Bench: Adam Wainwright and Anibal Sanchez

Manny Ramirez, Jose Reyes, Soriano, Big Pappi, Ryan Howard or ARod. Who would you pick to start a team?

sounds like my kind of women. P.S. my team owns all. i built it through tradeing matsuzaka and igawa and ichrio to this japanese guy in my league

C Brian McCann
1b Adam LaRoche
2b Freddy Sanchez
3b Bill Hall
SS Jose Reyes
IF Ty Wigginton
OF Lance Berkman
OF Carlos Lee
OF Jermaine Dye
Util Frank Thomas
Util Carl Crawford
Util Richie Sexson
BN Johnny Estrada
BN Omar Vizquel
SP Carlos Zambrano
SP Jake Peavy
SP Jake Westbrook
RP B.J. Ryan
RP Huston Street
RP Todd Jones
P Brian Fuentes
P Aaron Harang
P Chris Capuano
P Doug Davis
BN Joe Blanton

Wk 15 Who should i play as Defense, the Stealer's or St Louis??

i have a league that i am tryin to recruit people for on yahoo it is free here is some more info on it

I have started up a Fantasy baseball league and am looking for more people to join before our draft on April 6th at 1130 it will be a live draft. Only serious players needed that would be active in the league all year round hoping to top out the league with the maximum teams that can be in any league but I need your help.
My id for the league is 223447 and the pass word is baseball.
I hope to see you there below are a couple ideas I am thinking or trying to get installed in the league

I am thinkin that everyone in the league should have each others yahoo im ability even if it is just messages to talk bout trade possibilities i want to encourage this even if it is just leaving a message for the other one to get back to u with to prevent stupid trade offers. i also want to encourage people puttin the players they want to trade up on the trading block. We could probably even do a weekly report of everyone postin what area's of their team they think they may need trade help in and wut areas or postions they would be willin to give up to get the help that they need. These are just my ideas i would love to hear from you guys on what you think of them. Cause i really want these leagues that i am goin to try to run to become like buddies to create a good atomsphere might be come known for leagues that people want to play in maybe even a waitin list to play in or we can branch them off into more leagues and everything idk cause in all of my days of sreaching for fantasy leagues i kinda have always wanted a hands on league like our hockey and this baseball one hopefully

How do I start a fantasy MLB team? Anyone intererested in teaching me?

You are a rare breed. Every girl that I have explained fantasy sports to, thinks its the dumbest thing they have ever heard.

Good luck with your team, I hope you didn't draft Joe Mauer too early, he's still just a very good catcher.

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