Any advice for winning yahoo fantasy baseball? I am allowed to protect 10 players before the draft?


Rate this fantasy team, grade 1-10 with 1 being very bad, and 10 being the best ever.?

yes draft the best you can

do the research and make sure make any chnges to keep up with the compatiton

Dream Fantasy team?

one rule

Pitching is key, i won last year and my pitchers were santana,wang, and carpinter i also had rivera and namath

i wasted my first 5 picks on pitching and won

they guy last in my league had howard and wright but his pitching was terrible

remeber this, their are always more great hitters then thier are pitchers, how many guys can get 40 homers a year? about 7 to 8
how many can get 20 win a year? about 1 or 2, nobody got that mark last year by the way

Any changes you would make?

^^^ I do just the opposite:) I draft pitching last and infield first. I do pretty good too. I came in second last year:)

With fantasy baseball I think the key is to be really strong on one side of the ball--pitching or fielding. Do not go for balance.

I need some help on my fantasy baseball team. Who should I trade for? I'm in first right now . . .?

Draft based on the type of league you are in!! In roto, you need balance. In H2H, you can try to dominate six categories and win every week. Points depends on the point structure.

I'm not sure I understand the protecting 10 players part...sorry.

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