's "Page 2" posted a hilarious article about Keeper league rules last year. Does anyone have the link?

The funniest part of the article was when the writer talked about incorporating a "3-strikes" rule. For instance, your team would get a strike if they brought their girlfriend to the draft. Or you would get a strike if you said, "I've got a job, and I don't have time to set my lineup everyday!"... and so forth. If you got 3 strikes, you were out of the leaugue. Anyway, does anybody remember this?


M. Young + K. Johjima for J. Smoltz + J. Beckett??

That was a bill simmons article.

the problem is that all Page2 previous archived articles are for ESPN insiders only. If you do have an insider account look under Bill Simmon's Subject topics and you can find specific DRAFT updates.

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