Any good fantasy baseball team names (Clean or dirty)?

Also I'm a cubs fan!!


I traded Smoltz and Juan Pierre for Peavy and Alex Rios... good deal or no?

Kerry Wood And The Hit Parade!

Fantasy Baseball Trade?

The Wrigley Ramblers

Who r good people i could pik up in fantasy baseball (any position)?

Balco Bombers

Steve Smith vs. Pittsburg or Donald Driver vs. Detroit??

hall of shamers, (u kno, where sammy sosa is)

Good fantasy baseball team?

Mine is Albuqurque Isotopes like the minor league team on the Simpsons, but it used to be the T-Town Gangsters. (T-Town as in Tinseltown, bahahahaha.)

I have a proposed trade in my fantasy league. Wanna know what you would do?

if your a cubs fan name your team - "steve bartman licks balls."

Fantasy Basketball fix?? BIG ADVICE - BIG POINTS?


Brady, Lemon, Jackson or Dorsey?? Which QB to start?


Trade Vanek for Naslund?

the piranhas

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