All bias aside... Tom Brady will go down as one of the top 5 QB's of all time?

Considering everything Brady has already done as a QB & how he does it... he will be considered one of the top 5 QB's of all time... considering what he's had to work with compared to say Peyton Manning? Do you think he could be considered the best when it is all said and done if he continues doing what he does?


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tom brady just might go down as the best.considering he was a 6th round draft pick as a third stringer the past skipped over rohan davey when bledsoe got hurt with a minute to go against the jets to see what he could do.thankyou mo lewis for discovering tom brady by knocking out drew bledsoe...i think pats should pay mo lewis lol

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It's possible. He was a major player for the Pats. I'd say, he's got a good shot at being one of the best QBs in the NFL.

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its very very possible. he has 3 super bowl rings, and he does it with average receivers. so i really think so.

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I agree that he will be one of the five best in history in the minds of most people. I think Peyton is going to be the best of all time. He is such a smart player. He does have great receivers but can you fault him for that? He controls the line of scrimmage like no other, has great accuracy and arm. Brady has done a lot with no real great receivers, with the exception of maybe branch (who still has some to prove, but i think he will be great.) Leading your team to 3 super bowls is just amazing. He really came out of nowhere. Remember, he split time in college with Drew Henson and U of M. They will both be in the top five of all time with marino, elway, montana. Go Tom Brady!! GO BLUE!!

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well, it depends upon what you want.
if you want a guy that gets you good stats, no, he wont even be close.
but if you're looking for rings, its a strong possibility.
Montana and Elway are obviously better than him, but the rest are arguable.
I'd say no, because stats you can control for the most part while rings you really can't, because almost every player can control, at most, only half of the team.

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